Student regulations

Regulatory documents in force for the SH programme

The Study and Exam Rules of the University of Nyíregyháza are the most comprehensive of the regulations concerning education. The Rules are based on the statutory provisions of Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education, Government Decree 248/2012. (VIII.31.) and Government Decree 87/2015. (IV.9.). The Rules apply to the study and examination affairs of students who have legal relations with the institution in all forms of training and work schedule.

The following topics are covered from the university entrance to the completion of studies:

  • the establishment, suspension and termination of the student's legal relationship
  • periods of education, enrollment to university, enrollment to courses
  • subject requirements, credit points recognition
  • application handling, legal remedy
  • foreign language requirements
  • student transfers, change of training type, change of programme
  • exam period, examination procedure
  • forms of checking and evaluating knowledge
  • thesis, final exam
  • diploma requirements
  • rules on completion of internships.

The Rules for Charges and Allowances for Students at the University of Nyíregyháza based on Act CCIV of 2011, Government Decree 248/2012. (VIII.31.), and Government Decree 51/2007. (III.26.) determine the rules for grants to the students as well as charges and fees to be paid by the students of the institution. They prescribe the procedure for determining and fulfilling the student's obligation to pay, the rules for distributing student benefits. They provide information to students on grants and benefits for study, such as dormitories, regular and extraordinary social scholarships, national higher education scholarships, etc. They include the most important information about education-related charges (fee/cost) and other additional reimbursement provisions.

  1. The Study and Exam Rules of the University of Nyíregyháza (DOWNLOAD)
  2. Student Disciplinary and Compensation Rules (DOWNLOAD)
  3. Student Redress Rules  (DOWNLOAD)
  4. Regulations on the admission procedure of foreign nationals (DOWNLOAD)