Tuition fees of study programmes offered for the academic year 2024/2025

Programme name Study level



Tuition fee / semester for non-EU applicants Tuition fee / semester for applicants from EU and EEA countries, Türkiye and visa-free countries * 
Agricultural Engineering BSc 7 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Biology BSc 6 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Business Administration and Management BSc 7 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Chemistry BSc 6 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Computer Science BSc 6 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
English and American Studies BA 6 1500 EUR 1100 EUR
Geography BSc 6 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Mechanical Engineering BSc 7 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Music Culture BA BSc 6 3000 EUR 2200 EUR
Physical Training BA 6 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Professional Pilot BSc 7 13500 EUR 12500 EUR
Visual Representation BA 6 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Environmental Science MSc 4 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Social Pedagogy MA 4 2200 EUR 1600 EUR
Hungarian as a Foreign Language non-degree 2 1500 EUR 1500 EUR
Integrated Foundation Programme non-degree 2 1500 EUR 1500 EUR
Specialist in Kodály-inspired music education non-degree 1 1850 EUR 1850 EUR

EU, EEA and Turkish nationals; third-country nationals who are dual nationals, that is, citizens who are dual nationals and
    hold a second nationality of an EU Member State; nationals of countries that are granted a visa-free stay for 90 days.
    Countries which are offered visa-free entry and 90-day stay on the basis of a private passport is available at the link below:

Important information:

During the admission procedure, applicants must pay the tuition fees for the first 2 semesters along with the accomodation reservation fee for 5 month in advance, in one lump sum,  by the deadline specified in the Conditional Letter of Acceptance issued by the University of Nyíregyháza.

- Applicants applying from the following countries will have to pay 3 semesters of tuition fees along with the accomodation reservation fee for 5 month in advance due to visa difficulties: Yemen, Pakistan, Syria