How to get to the University of Nyíregyháza?

Nagyobb térkép

From Budapest to Nyíregyháza….

By train
Ask the taxi or the Airport Minibus driver to take you to the Keleti or Nyugati Pályaudvar (Eastern or Western Railway Station). From there, you can travel to Nyíregyháza by an InterCity (IC) train. Trains leave from both the Budapest Nyugati and Keleti stations several times a day. On the website:, you can find the IC timetable. You are advised to take an IC instead of the regular train because IC's are much faster and more comfortable than regular trains.
You will have to pay an additional fee for your seat reservation (automatically issued at the ticket counter), but the limited seats may disappear quickly, especially on weekends when many students are travelling to and from the capital. If you choose not to take an InterCity, the journey will last closer to four hours as the train makes more stops.
By car-sharing –
Basically, you have three choices: railway, bus, or car-sharing services. Going by train usually takes more time, and is less comfortable than the bus. And that is why we recommend the several car-sharing services, e. g. It is faster, much more comfortable, and you can get directly to your destination.
Driving a car
Foreigners driving a car to Hungary are required to hold a valid international driving licence. Car registration and insurance papers are also compulsory. Most of our dormitories have a safe
car park. Driving is on the right-hand side and the seatbelt is compulsory. The speed limit within residential areas is 50 km/h, 90 km/h for secondary roads, 110 km/h for highways and 130 km/h for motorways.


Public transport
MÁV Group (MÁV Group – serving our passengers and customers)
MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt is a railway company owned by the Hungarian state.

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Local (city) travel
From Railway Station to University of Nyíregyháza
Line 8, 8A
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Bus ticket price:
One – way ticket: 340 HUF
Post office (for bus tickets also)
Address: Sóstói út 31/B, Stadion köz, Campus building
Opening hours: 9:00–11:30, 12:00–14:30

Transport Rules  - Travel tips

Nyíregyháza is generally very safe and pickpocketing is not widespread, but it can happen. Please never carry your passport with you, have a photo of it on your phone. A residence permit should be good enough identification if needed somewhere.
Always carry your bag in front of you, especially on public transport, and never on your back, even if it is a rucksack. Your phone and wallet should never be in the back pocket of your jeans/trousers. If you sit down somewhere, make sure that you keep an eye on your stuff rather than put it next to yourself or behind you. It can be stolen in a second. Take care even at the university as anyone can enter the buildings and do not leave your things in an empty classroom if you don’t stay there.
Keep your luggage safe!

Pedestrian traffic
Make sure that you cross a street only at the green light. Before stepping off the curb, make sure that all the cars have stopped. Please use the official pedestrian crossings only.