Mission Statement

The University of Nyíregyháza, by adopting the establishment and operating principles defined in the Higher Education Act as a framework, and building on its previous experiences, values and developing results, intends to operate as a higher education knowledge centre of the country and the Northern Great Plains region, in particular the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, which is the social and by constantly analyzing its economic situation, it can make a meaningful contribution to ensuring the human resource needs of a competitive economy, to the innovative strengthening of local processes, and through this to the mitigation of its developmental backwardness compared to other areas of the country.

It puts its higher-level professional training system and internal structure at the service of these, which — by offering a selection of higher education vocational training, bachelor's, master's and specialized further training according to market needs — is integrated into the system of the lifelong learning process. The transmission of knowledge, which is renewed in its content and communication technology and colourful, will result in the training of the general intelligentsia through the transmission of permanent values, and the professional intellectual layer capable of flexible adaptation through the continuous incorporation of renewable values. It solves all of this based on the expectations of the maintainers while ensuring equal opportunities for access to knowledge, involving and cooperating with the user sphere, and maintaining neutrality in the broadest sense (ideological, ethnic, etc.). Nyíregyházi University is a student-friendly institution. It considers the promotion of access to higher education for gifted and disadvantaged young people with signs of difference to be a priority task at the same time.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the University of Nyíregyházi, as a university of applied sciences, is involved in the process of knowledge production with its intellectual capacity concentrated in the institution. He shapes his research profile in such a way that the resulting results appear as innovative products that can be activated for the environment in addition to the individual career development of the instructors. The widening of the opening towards the environment and the expansion of the range of outward-directed services must strengthen the financial basis of the operational conditions. However, the opening is not only aimed at the environment in the narrower sense but must also reach the areas beyond the border. This effect can be achieved with the help of all sides of Hungarian higher education, professional training and continuing education, which are in contact with the county and the region, beyond the border. The conditions of operation and the imparted knowledge content must be ensured at a level suitable for dynamic development, which makes it important to widen cross-border educational and scientific cooperation relationships, strengthen the mobility of teachers and students, and learn about and introduce the means of cultural mediation of international contact. In the international relations of Nyíregyházi University, the higher education institutions located near the country's northeastern and eastern borders and the higher education institutions of the Eastern European states and the Central Asian region are of particular importance. Our goal is for the future University of Nyíregyháza to be a catalyst for our region, and to function as an intellectual knowledge centre in its environment by cooperating with domestic and foreign higher education institutions.

The production of knowledge that can also be used for the environment and the outward-directed service give our employees opportunities and perspective and can result in promoting the economic recovery of the county and the region.

All of this together forms the guarantee of the institution's long-term existence and sustainability.
Nyíregyháza, September 7, 2020.