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Students at Risk


Application for the Students at Risk Subprogramme for the academic year of 2023/2024 is now open till 10 May! The online application system can be accessed at

Call for Applications for the academic year 2023/2024 is available:

Students at Risk Programme for students fleeing the war in Ukraine – subprogramme of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme – The Tempus Public Foundation started the Students at Risk Program in 2022 (as a sub-programme of the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship), which is specifically designed for persons from Ukraine who are studying in higher education, in order to enable them to start and/or continue their studies in the Hungarian higher education system.

  • Hungarian governmental program developed for students studying in full-time programmes.
  • It covers tuition fees for the programme which the student gets admitted to, for the full duration of the programme.
  • It grants a monthly stipend and housing allowance which both are transferred on a monthly basis.
  • As a guest student, you can receive the stipend and a housing allowance once you are admitted to the program and the Tempus Public Foundation granted you the Scholarship.
  • With this scholarship, you are entitled to use the Hungarian Social Securtiy and private insurance.

NOTE:Hungarian citizens and persons with dual citizenship (Hungarian included) cannot apply for this specific scholarship.

  1. For more information for Ukrainian citizens, please click here:
  2. For more information for other citizens, please click here:
  3. You can submit your application to the program on the following link.
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