Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements 
  • An entrance examination via internet is compulsory for students applying to our programs.
  • Language requirement: oral examination via internet
  • Academic requirements: high school certificate; oral entrance examination via internet in given topics

Exam Topics for BA / BSc Study Programme

The online oral entrance exam takes 25-30 minutes and consists of two parts:

Part I.: Your general English language skills will be tested.
Part II.: Assessment of your area-specific skills by questions in the listed topics according to your chosen programme.

  1. Hungarian as a Foreign Language (non-degree)
  2. Integrated Foundation Programme – Preparatory Course in English for Engineering and Business Studies (non-degree)
  3. Mechanical Engineering BSc
  4. Agricultural Engineering BSc
  5. Computer Science BSc
  6. English and American Studies BA
  7. Biology - Applied Biology BSc
  8. Tourism and Catering BSc
  9. Physical Training BSc
  10. Music Culture BA
  11. Professional Pilot BSc

Exam for Integrated Foundation Programme – Preparatory Course in English for Engineering and Business Studies

 Online Interview in English (15-20 minutes)

  1. Short introduction
  2. Educational background
  3. Motivation for choosing the Integrated Foundation Programme, plans for the future
  4. Information about Hungary and Nyíregyháza

Exam for Hungarian as a Foreign Language (non-degree)

Online Interview in English (10-15 minutes)
  1. Short introduction
  2. Motivation for learning Hungarian
  3. Plans for the future
  4. Information about Hungary and Nyíregyháza

Exam topics for Mechanical Engineering BSc 
  1. Physical quantities and units; orders of magnitude, unit conversion
  2. Mechanics: types of motion, forces
  3. Thermodynamics: heat transfer, thermal equilibrium, phase transitions, ideal gases
  4. DC and AC circuits
  5. Solving linear and quadratic equations
  6. Properties of functions; calculus

Exam topics for Agricultural Engineering BSc

  1. Chemistry and biology
  2. Basic agriculture
  3. Crop production
  4. Animal husbandry
  5. Horticulture

Exam topics for Computer Science BSc

  1. Sets of Numbers    Link                                                                  
  2. Properties of Functions   Link
  3. Quadratic Functions   Link
  4. Binary and Hexadecimal Numeral Systems  Link
  5. Different forms of an Equation of a Line  Link

Exam topics for English and American Studies BA
Candidates will be assessed in any two of these topics provided by the examiners on the occasion of the exam.
  1. Basic terms of English grammar (word classes, elements of syntax)
  2. Talk about either the United Kingdom or the United Staates of America pointing out basic facts related to its geography, political system, socienty etc.
  3. Talk about your favourite English author / work or American author / work
  4. Idioms and proverbs in English

Exam topics for Environmental Studies BSc

  1. Matter, Properties and Phases, atomic structure and compounds, solutions, fluids
  2. Light waves – relationship between ozone layer and UV radiation, forms of energy (eg. light), the Earth’s structure, weathering and erosion, the Earth’s Atmosphere and water cycle, climate. How severe are erosion processes in your country? How widespread is the use of solar and wind energy in your country?
  3. Living organisms and biological classification, cell structure, plant structure, ecosystems
  4. Natural resources, major global challenges for the environment (eg. climate change - anthropogenic effects) and nature conservation, sustainable development). How these processes are reflected in your country?

Exam topics for Biology - Applied Biology BSc
  1. Describe the structure and functions of nucleic acids.
  2. Describe the eukaryotic cellular compartments.
  3. Describe the most relevant processes under cell divisions.
  4. Describe the parts of Human digestive system. 
  5. Describe generative organs of flowering plants.

Exam topics for Geography BSc

  1. The internal structure of Earth (plate tectonics, mountain formation, volcanic activity, earthquakes, types and formation of rocks, minerals and energy carriers)
  2. Land forming processes (internal and external forces, landforms, mass movements, folds, fault-blocks, aeolian landforms, fluvial erosion and accumulation, glacial landforms)
  3. Meteorology and climatology (chemical composition of the atmosphere, structure of the atmosphere, factors affecting climate, main types of clouds, types of precipitation, cyclones and anticyclones, weather fronts, global atmospheric circulation, greenhouse effect, climate change)
  4. Population geography (world population growth, geographical distribution of the world population, the causes of population growth, the demographic transition model, migration, population age structure)
  5. Settlement geography (types of settlements, factors influencing the location and growth of settlements, functions of settlements, hierarchy of settlements, urbanization (past, present and future trends), land use in urban areas, urban problems and solutions)

Exam topics for Tourism and Catering BSc
  1. Describe the role of tourism in the economic life of your country.
  2. Describe the role of tourism in the economic life of your country.
  3. Describe the main characteristics and trends of the tourism sector of your country!
  4. Describe the most important, topical trends affecting tourism in the world!
  5. Describe the general career goals you have with a degree in tourism and hospitality!
  6. What are the outbreaks of tourism after a COVID pandemic, what are the implications?

Exam topics for Physical Training BSc
  1. Human biology
  2. History of the development of football ( soccer), the history of international football.
  3. History of Hungarian football, its greatest successes, its greatest figures.
  4. Rules of the game of football
  5. Basic technical and tactical elements of football

Exam topics for Music Culture BA
  1. Singing skill
  2. Piano
  3. Solfeggio and music theory
  4. General musical education

Exam topics for Visual Representation BA
Candidates present their professional skills, commitment and aptitude only with their electronically submitted portfolio. When compiling the portfolio, please strive for content and technical diversity, so that you can present your skills and professional experience in the most complete way possible under such conditions.
Portfolio content:
Page 1.
A brief introduction (personal data (name, address, contact), studies (please refer to your professional studies (if you have received an art degree), mention your school, profession, teachers in your training)
Page 2.
A statement of authenticity certifying that it is included in the portfolio all work in both content and technical solutions were created by the applicant, not copies of other people's intellectual property.
On other pages:
Please present a min. 12 and max. 25 works of art. (Each page can contain multiple related projects.)
In the technical field, we accept both manual and digital or combined work, but the proportion of digital work must not exceed 40% and at least 50% of the work must be done manually.
In the part presenting the professional work, the use of captions is obligatory (title or name of the work, year of manufacture, technique, size data, indicating the unit of measurement)
Contents: post-model shape and portrait drawings, possibly paintings (min. 2 works) studio-like object and space representations, still life black and white toned and colour solutions (min. 3 works), independent works of art for the programme (min. 5 jobs)
Creative design task:
Please present the planning process and document the completed creative solutions and models.
Maximum portfolio size: 10 Mb, 1 (pageable) file, PDF format (possibly PPT) 
(May include up to 2 minutes of video if appropriate.)

 Exam topics for Professional Pilot BSc
The admission process for the applicants who were nominated by their sending country for the English-language Professional Pilot BSc starts on 28 March 2022 (for the academic year 2022/2023). The admission process is ruled by Tempus Public Foundation guidelines, and the International Relations Office coordinates it with the cooperation of the relevant institutes and Tréner Ltd.
Description of the admission procedure for the Professional Pilot BSc programme: download.