Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements 
  • An entrance examination via internet is compulsory for students applying to our programmes.
  • Language requirement:
    - oral examination via internet: Language proficiency - upper intermediate level / CEFR B2 level or higher
  • Academic requirements:
    - for BA/BSc and non-degree programme: secondary school leaving certificate, for MA/MSc programme: BA/BSc degree in the related scientific field
    - oral entrance examination via internet in given topics

Entrance Exam:

The online oral entrance exam takes 15-30 minutes and consists of two parts:

      Part I.: Your general English language skills will be tested.
      Part II.: Assessment of your area-specific skills by questions in the listed topics according to your
                   chosen programme.

Exam topics for Hungarian as a Foreign Language (non-degree)

Online interview in English (15-20 minutes)
  1. Short introduction
  2. Motivation for learning Hungarian
  3. Plans for the future
  4. Information about Hungary and Nyíregyháza

Exam topics for Integrated Foundation Programme – Preparatory Course in English for Engineering and Business Studies

 Online interview in English (15-20 minutes)

  1. Short introduction
  2. Educational background
  3. Motivation for choosing the Integrated Foundation Programme, plans for the future
  4. Information about Hungary and Nyíregyháza

Exam topics for Mechanical Engineering BSc 
  1. Physical quantities and units; orders of magnitude, unit conversion
  2. Mechanics: types of motion, forces
  3. Thermodynamics: heat transfer, thermal equilibrium, phase transitions, ideal gases
  4. DC and AC circuits
  5. Solving linear and quadratic equations
  6. Properties of functions; calculus

Exam topics for Agricultural Engineering BSc

  1. Chemistry and biology
  2. Basic agriculture
  3. Crop production
  4. Animal husbandry
  5. Horticulture

Exam topics for Computer Science BSc

  1. Sets of Numbers    Link                                                                  
  2. Properties of Functions   Link
  3. Quadratic Functions   Link
  4. Binary and Hexadecimal Numeral Systems  Link
  5. Different forms of an Equation of a Line  Link

Exam topics for English and American Studies BA
Candidates will be assessed in any two of these topics provided by the examiners on the occasion of the exam.
  1. Basic terms of English grammar (word classes, elements of syntax)
  2. Talk about either the United Kingdom or the United Staates of America pointing out basic facts related to its geography, political system, socienty etc.
  3. Talk about your favourite English author / work or American author / work
  4. Idioms and proverbs in English

Exam topics for Biology - Applied Biology BSc
  1. Describe the structure and functions of nucleic acids.
  2. Describe the eukaryotic cellular compartments.
  3. Describe the most relevant processes under cell divisions.
  4. Describe the parts of Human digestive system. 
  5. Describe generative organs of flowering plants.

Exam topics for Chemistry BSc

  1. Structure of matter
  2. Acid-base equilibria
  3. Chemistry of natural products
  4. Chemical industry
  5. Electrochemistry

Exam topics for Music Culture BA
  1. Singing skill
  2. Piano
  3. Solfeggio and music theory
  4. General musical education

    Entrance exam

 Exam topics for Professional Pilot BSc

Following the formal check up of the application documents the university will organise the online oral entrance examination.

Your 25-minutes online interview will content: 

   1) the assessment of your general English language skills,

   2) your personal motivation & technical affinity/aptitude (career plans, information about the pilot
       profession, aircraft types, knowledge about the chosen study programme, etc.) and 

   3) your cognitive abilities (Mathematics and Physics proficiency screening). 
       Please have pen and paper ready to solve the calculation exercises. 

For a successful exam you must score at least 60 out of 100 points.

During the 1st academic year of the studies the admitted students have to undergo the Class 1 Medical Certificate (EASA Part-MED 1178/2011 EU regulation) and a psychological aptitude test as compulsory requirements before starting the flight training.

Please see some supporting content for the Maths and Physics modules.

Topics for Math modules:

  • linear equations 
  • quadratic equations and systems of equations 
  • plane geometry (right-angled triangles, law of sines) 
  • equation of planes 
  • elementary algebra 
  • spatial geometry (only the very basics, such as volume calculations)

Exam topics for Business Administration and Management BSc

  1. What are the most important economic sectors in your country?
  2. How has the economy developed in your country over the last 5 years? Has the economy strengthened or weakened?
  3. What is the role of local businesses in employment?
  4. What is the role of innovation in the economy, which are the most innovative sectors in your country?
  5. What are the job opportunities for young graduates in your country?
  6. What are your country's most important exports and export products?
  7. What are the most important entrepreneurial qualities? What is a successful entrepreneur like?
  8. What are the most importnat trade operators in your country?
  9. What is the role of money in the economy?
  10. What do you think about globalisation? How does it affect your country?

 Exam topics for Geography BSc

     1. General characteristics of the Solar System, Earth's motions
     2. The internal structure of the Earth, plate tectonics and its consequences
     3. The structure and composition of the atmosphere
     4. Global demographic trends and challenges
     5. Types of settlements, urbanization, megacities and urban problems
     6. Globalization: world economy, integrations, financial institutions, international organizations, TNCs

     Please see some supporting content for the entrance exam preparation:

Exam topics for Visual Representation BA
  1. Educational background and qualifications
  2. Presentation of portfolio: own study drawings, works in different techniques (submitted in digital form in advance)
  3. Talk about the techniques of your works and study drawings.
  4. Talk about the composition and the proportions of your works and study drawings, in relation to reality.
  5. Who is your favourite artist?
  6. What exhibition did you see last time?

Exam topics for Environmental Science MSc

  1. The main forms of environmental carbonization (especially in your country) and their chemical background and danger to wildlife and society
  2. Light waves – relationship between ozone layer and UV radiation, forms of energy (eg. light), the Earth’s structure, weathering and erosion, the Earth’s Atmosphere and water cycle, climate. How severe are erosion processes in your country? How widespread is the use of solar and wind energy in your country?
  3. Living organisms and biological classification, ecosystems
  4. Natural resources, nature conservation, major global challenges for the environment (eg. climate change - anthropogenic effects) and nature conservation (threats to biodiversity), sustainable development). How these processes are reflected in your country?

Exam topics for Social Pedagogy MA

  1. Sociology
  2. Social Policy
  3. Social Science Research Methodology
  4. Social Work
  5. Social Pedagogy
  6. Pedagogy

 Exam topics for Specialist in Kodály-inspired music education (non-degree)

After submitting a music portfolio the online oral entrance exam takes 25-30 minutes and consists of two parts:

Part I.: Your general English language skills will be tested.

  • Short introduction
  • Educational background
  • Motivation for learning Music
  • Plans for the future

Part II.: Assessment of your area-specific skills according to the submitted requirements.