Using the Library

The Library of the University of Nyiregyhaza is a public library with a floor area of 1,480 m2, 78 seats and 18 computer workstations. The library works with the ALEPH 500 integrated library system, the Web of Science, and the Arcanum Digital Science Library databases. The Library holds 280,000 documents, of which 150,000 can be borrowed. There are more than 550 periodicals (old and current).

If you want to borrow books from the library, you must become a member. If you want to be a member, you must register: fill in a membership form and give your personal particulars. Registration is free for the staff and students of the University of Nyiregyhaza.

  •  All students can use their student cards as library cards/tickets. Any other reader must have a library card/ticket. Library cards are not transferable.
  • You must use library materials and equipment with responsibility and highlighting, underlining or taking notes in library material is not allowed.
  • You must pay compensation for the loss or damage of any item.