Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People (SCYP)

About the programme

The Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People (SCYP) was founded in 2017 by the Government of Hungary.

The core mission of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People (SCYP) is to help young Christian students - who live in the crisis regions and developing countries of the world and are threatened because of their faith - by giving the opportunity to study in Hungary. After completing their studies, the scholarship holders will return to help their home community with their gained knowledge, and they will participate in the development of their countries and contribute to improvement of social situation and preservation of culture of Christian communities.

The SCYP Programme is managed by the State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade responsible for the Scholarship Programme and is implemented by Hungary Helps Agency Nonprofit Private Limited Liability Company.

Eligible participating countries

The SCYP Programme is based on the cooperation between the State Secretariat and Churches that pursue humanitarian activities in crisis regions. For the 2024/2025 academic year, the scholarship is announced for the citizens of the following countries: Lebanese Republic, Republic of Ghana, Republic of Niger, Republic of Chad, Republic of Iraq, State of Israel, Palestine, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Kenya, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Armenia and Nigeria.

Local Churches are to verify and prove that the applicant belongs to their religious community. Only those applicants can be awarded with the scholarship who have the recommendation from the Local Church, and their recommendation is approved by the State Secretariat.

For the list of the ecclesiastical Christian denomination and rite groups see Annex 1 on the following website:

Persons meeting the following eligibility criteria may apply:

a) full-age citizens, who are at least 18 years old at the beginning of their scholarship studies; who reach the age of 18 by 31 August of the year of the specified application deadline,

b) those who have the qualifications and the required language skills as a pre-requisite for the study programme applied for, and submit the supporting document by the deadline for submission of applications, but no later than 1 August of the year of the current application cycle;

c) those who have an official recommendation from a church organization specified in the Call for Applications.

Degree programmes at bachelor level, one tier master’s and master programmes are open to all applicants, while doctoral programmes are open to those applicants who have completed their master studies in the frame of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People in Hungary or are registered for the last semester of their studies in the 2023/2024 academic year as Scholarship for Christian Young People scholarship holders.

For detailed information, see point 2. of the Call for applications 2024-2025 on pages 5-8.

Which study programme can an applicant apply for?

Only for those programmes which are available in the application system. For more informations visit the official website of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People. (See Annex 2)

The University of Nyíregyháza offers the following study programmes for SCYP applicants:

  • Mechanical Engineering BSc (7 semesters)
  • Agricultural Engineering BSc (7 semesters)
  • Computer Science BSc (6 semesters)
  • Biology BSc (6 semesters)

Please note that each applicant can apply for ONE study programme.

Application Documents

For detailed requirements for admission documents, see point 3.2.1. of the Call for applications 2024-2025 on pages 8-11.

The following documents should be provided by all applicants:

  • Online application form with a recent photo of the applicant
  • Motivation Letter in English - minimum 1 page
  • Approved recommendation of the local Christian Church (issued by the highest possible level not earlier than 1st November 2023, approved by the State Secretariat)
    For the list of the ecclesiastical Christian denomination and rite groups see Annex 1 on website
  • Proof of language proficiency with a minimum level determined by the host institution AND their translations in English or in Hungarian (scanned copy AND its translation) OR proof about the fact that the language of education was English
  • School certificates and their translations in English or in Hungarian (bachelor level full time programmes: scanned copy of the original secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent AND its translation)
  • Transcript of Records and its translation in English or in Hungarian (copy of the original transcript of records regarding all academic semesters or school years completed during previous studies AND its translation)
  • Medical certificate - must be submitted until 30th April 2024 (scanned copy of a medical certificate of satisfactory health condition issued not earlier than 1st November 2023) – You have to use the form you can find in Annex 6 on website
  • Copy of Identification Document – passport OR in case the applicant does not have a passport, the scanned copy of the valid national ID card AND its translation should be uploaded
  • Acceptance of Statement for Application in the online sytem - all applicants need to accept the “Statement for Application” which appears in the online application system after registration

All documents that cannot be obtained in English or in Hungarian, have to be translated into English and the translations have to be submitted together with a copy of the original document.

All documents listed under point 3.2. of the Call for applications 2024-2025 are mandatory application documents. However, certain documents are accepted to be uploaded even after the application deadline, provided that the applicant could not possibly obtain the document by the deadline of application. .

For a list of missing documents that can be submitted (uploaded) after the application deadline, but no later than 31st July 2024 (23:59 Budapest Time), see point 3.3 of the Call for applications 2024-2025 on pages 11-12.

In case of missing documents, the applicants need to upload a signed statement that they will obtain and upload the missing document(s) until 31st July 2024 the latest. No missing document will be accepted if the statement is not uploaded until 10th January 2024 and/or if the missing documents are not uploaded until 31st July 2024, thus such applications will automatically be rejected.

Please note that there is a form provided by Hungary Helps Agency for this statement. (Annex 7 on website

Benefits for scholarship holders

Provisions covered by the scholarship:

  • Tuition-free education
  • Monthly stipend
  • Accommodation contribution - The University of Nyíregyháza provides free dormitory place for all scholarship holders.
  • Travel allowance
  • Medical insurance

For detailed information, see point 1.3. of the Call for applications 2024-2025 on pages 4-5.

Please, bear in mind that these provisions are only a contribution to the living expenses of the Scholarship Holders. It means that the monthly stipend does not fully cover all the costs of living, and therefore, scholarship holders might need to add their own financial resources in order to cover all living expenses in Hungary. All applicants are highly advised to check the expected living expenses both in Hungary and in the city that they wish to live in before applying.

The visa administration and the extension of the residence permit is free of charge for scholarship holders. The scholarship contributes to one person’s costs of living and it does not provide either visa or additional benefits or administration services for the persons and family members who accompany the scholarship holder. The legal subject of the scholarship agreement is only the scholarship holder.

For more information about the programme and the application procedure please visit the official page of the scholarship progamme.

For all details regarding the application please read the Call for applications 2024-2025:

The online application portal can be reached here:

For further information rgarding the entrance exam topics please click on the following link:

Institutional SCYP Coordinator: Ágnes ECSEDI-ERŐS




The next application period will start for the academic year of 2025/2026 in Autumn 2024.

Please visit our website later for new updates around October / November 2024.


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