Sports facilities

Sports facilities at the University of Nyíregyháza

There are excellent sports facilities on the campus that are available free of charge not only to sports students, but to all citizens of the University too, both in their free time and during physical education classes under the guidance of our instructors.

Our 30x40 m sports hall accommodates in its one half ball games, and in its other half gymnastics classes. The athletics classes take place in our 76x24 m indoor athletics hall with tartan tracks and on our 400 m 3-lane plastic-covered outdoor track. Our 25-meter-swimming pool features 5 lanes and a stretched water surface. Outdoors, there are 2 bitumen-covered handball courts, 6 backboarded streetball courts and 3 clay tennis courts. Education is also supported by one 10x22 m fitness room, equipped with modern multifunctional and conditioning equipment. We also have a 25x5 m mirror room for aerobics training.

The activities of Nyíregyháza University Sports Association is an integral part of our training, completing our educational work. We currently operate 11 divisions: athletics, basketball (women, men), volleyball (men), hiking and leisure sports, gymnastics (women, men), swimming and chess. Their sportswomen and sportsmen have achieved a number of sports successes in university and national championships. The success of our sports activities in the above mentioned divisions is also proven by our numerous university championship titles, achieved in both individual and team sports.