The role of everyday physical education

Research area and keywords of research:
The role of everyday physical education

Name of the researcher(s) and research group:
Dr. Marianna Moravecz - instructor

Name of the Institute:
University of Nyíregyháza, Institute of Physical Education and Sport Science

Research objectives:
Investigation of the role of everyday physical education in the health behaviour of students of Debrecen and Nyíregyháza

Description and results of research:
In September 2016, young people who were already involved in everyday physical education entered the colleges and universities. CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education law obliges higher education institutions to improve the health of students, primarily by ensuring the conditions for regular physical activity. Nonetheless, physical activity is not an integral part of their daily routine in the lives of students enrolled in higher education. In our research we investigate the implementation of everyday physical education introduced in Hungary (as unique in Europe), but not by analysing the specific place of realization in public education, but by studying the living space of young people moving from there, opinions of non-participating students. The target group of the research is the population of students of the two major higher education centres of the Northern Great Plain Region, the University of Debrecen and the University of Nyíregyháza (who participated in daily physical education, graduated after 2015), and the older (non-everyday physical education) students. Our research is unique as we do not have relevant research results in this age group either in Hungary or in Europe.
Aim of the research: 
Our results provide an insight into the positive values of physical activity (teacher or peer roles, experience-centred, institutional infrastructure…) that can be highlighted in everyday physical education practice and can help students in their own health development.

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Publications (max. 5):

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