Study of sports habits among high school students

Research area and keywords of research:
Study of sports habits among high school students

Name of the researcher(s) and research group:
Daniel Szabo, professor assistant - instructor

Research colleagues: 

  • Dr. Klára Kovács-Nagy
  • Dr. Marianna Moravecz – instructor
  • Zsuzsa Nagy
  • Dávid Rábai

Name of the Institute:
University of Nyíregyháza, Institute of Physical Education and Sport Science

Research objectives:
Studying and comparing the sporting habits of secondary school and vocational school students with regard to different background variables

Description and results of research:
The research topic is the study of sports habits among high school students. The aim of our research is to examine and compare the sporting habits of high school and vocational school students with respect to different background variables (family, financial background, education). With my supervisor, Dr. Klára Kovács-Nagy, we would like to get a comprehensive picture of what sports habits determine the behavior of students of this age. The research is not yet in the stage of publishing our results, but we are conducting various background research, for example, examining the results of the OKM, from the analysis of which we will plan to publish publications. With the research colleagues: Dr. Klára Kovács-Nagy, Marianna Moravecz, Zsuzsa Nagy, Dávid Rábai have published two joint publications: Investigation of institutional impact and models in central and eastern european higher education institutions and institutional impact in the carpathian basin higher education institutional in competitive sports. The research is supported by University of Nyíregyháza and University of Debrecen.

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