Athlete's career examinations and teacher research

Research area and keywords of research:
Athlete's career examinations and teacher research 
(Keywords: athlete's career, teacher, motivation, educational activities)

Name of the researcher(s) and research group:


  • Urbinné dr. Szilvia Borbély - associate professor
  • Dávid Oláh - instructor


  • Dániel Bakk - Pedagogical views of physical education students, traditional or experimental physical education lesson
  • Benkő Balázs - Follow-up career examination of football supply players
  • Szabolcs Kocsis - Follow-up career examination of football players educated in the academic system
  • Daniel Kurmai - Comparative study of match performance in football
  • Anita Molnár - Examination of sport students' knowledge about the Hungarian Olympic history
  • Petra Nyisztor - The needs and expectations of athlete dual careers
  • Pethő Barna - Career motivation of teacher candidates

Name of the Institute:
University of Nyíregyháza, Institute of Physical Education and Sport Science

Research objectives:

  1. Athlete's career examinations
  2. Teacher research (career motivation, educational activities, educational structures, strategies)

Description and results of research:
Nowadays, it has become a central issue in the education systems of the developed countries to identify what knowledge needs to be acquired in the schools of the 21st century and which competencies need to be developed. To do this, it is important to examine where and how education is communicated by education performers. This way, it means engagement, learning about pedagogical views, and changing views can be explored by students and practicing instructors. Researches have shown that the process of becoming a teacher usually occurs before entering the teacher training system. Previous experiences, observations, and opinions about teachers are the ones that mostly influence the process. In the instruction of teachers and methodological education, very few students will be receptive to the new, unknown pedagogical methodological cultures. The natural values will dominate more for them.
A systematic, sustainable examination and promotion of dual careers among athletes is a well-known theme in national sports strategies and across Europe. The research team would like to examine the opportunities presented by different sports and compare them with international expectations and models.
I would like to do source researches, and it is our priority to train young explorers and provide them with opportunities for professional discussion. Its manifestations go beyond institutional (CSS, Science Day) frameworks (NCSS; Conference; Young Sports Scientists, Conference of Hungarian Society for Sport Sciences).

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Publications (max. 5):

  1. Anita Molnár, David Oláh, Szilvia Borbély: Examination of sport students' knowledge about the Hungarian Olympic history  (2019) Young Sports Scientists VII. National Conference, Budapest 30.11.2019.