Professional Pilot


Overview/More information:

The purpose of the training is to train professionals who are familiar with aviation and are able to work as professional pilots, and able to support the air operation, ground handling and transport operations at aircraft operators and organizations and carry out compliance monitoring and safety management activities also. After gaining the necessary professional experience they are able to fulfil the requirements as nominated post-holders also. The requirements for ATP (A) integrated training (Airline Transport Pilot, Aircraft) have been mastered. Graduates are prepared to continue their studies at the MSc level. During the first year besides basic technical studies, students will learn Principles of Flight as well as familiarize themselves with Aviation English. Following successful completion of the first  two semesters, students will start the practical part of the course during the following summer and fly the aircraft. Next to aviation-related subjects, students will also gain strong engineering knowledge in various technical fields, such as mechanics, mathematics, technical drawing.