Institute of Languages and Literature

Institute of Languages and Literature

The Institute of Languages and Literature is a founding institute of the University of Nyíregyháza, being part of Hungarian higher education, the scientific and cultural life of the country and the region since 1962. In the past decades, the institute has taken a major role in elementary school teacher training. Hundreds of our former students teach in the county’s schools today. 

At present, the institute has five departments:  the Department of Hungarian Linguistics, the Department of Literature, the Department of English Language and Culture, and the Department of Ukrainian Language and Culture, and the Department of Foreign Language Teaching and Examination. Our programmes include elementary and/or secondary school teacher training for prospective teachers of Hungarian, of English language and culture, Slavic Studies, BA in Ukrainian Studies, BA in English Studies, both in full-time and part-time formats, and, in the case of BA in English, in a distance-learning format.   

The staff members of the Institute of Languages and Literature are renowned representatives of their specific fields, and regularly participate in and organise national and international conferences. They are authors of several monographs and they regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals. Through joint research and conferences, the institute has been fruitfully cooperating with other Hungarian higher education institutions, both within and outside the borders.  

Foreign Language Training and Examination Group:

The group is responsible for language education and language examinations.

  • general and special purposes language training within the institution;
  • market-based language training services (English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian as a foreign language and Lovari [Roma]);
  • Accredited language examination centre (monolingual, English and bilingual language examinations).