Institute of Business and Management Sciences

Institute of Business and Management Sciences

Our institute has been part of Hungarian business and management tertiary education for 20 years. This tradition obliges us to perform high-quality, student-centred education and continuous development. Currently, our institute is running two BSc programmes, two higher level vocational programmes and three postgraduate specialist training courses, that include over 600 students.

The primary purpose of our institute is to train highly-qualified economic and tourism professionals who, possessing modern business and management knowledge and skills, meet the requirements of the labour market in every respect and, with their achievements, confirm our educational and research work.

Consequently, we build our educational activity on applied research by which we intend to facilitate our students’ practice-oriented training. We also wish to promote the development of this profession and meet the demands placed upon “economics” by the economy and society.

We operate our training locations in Nyíregyháza and Beregszász (Beregovo, Ukraine), involving our national and international professional partners and strategic allies.

Taking into account and reflecting upon the demands of today’s economic life, we offer our dual training, by which we strive to fulfil the needs of market players for highly-qualified professionals with scientific knowledge as well as practice-oriented competences.

Our mission in Hungarian higher education in the area of economics, is that we provide our students and teachers with an inspiring environment that helps them to become successful.