Mobility Café invitation „¡Holá! Erasmus+”

Dear Students,

The International Relations Office would like to invite you to our next Mobility Café event on 21st of June (Wednesday) which will be held in the Erasmus Room (K13 room) from 13:00 o’clock.

László Zsitnyár, international coordinator will give a presentation with a title „¡Holá! Erasmus+”

We welcome every guest with teacakes and refreshments.

Getting to know the beauty and culture of Hungary - foreign students of our university participated in a roundtrip to Szatmár-Bereg

On June 14, 2023, our foreign students had a full-day excursion to get acquainted with the values of the two eastern regions of our county. First, we visited the local history and ethnography exhibitions of the Bereg Museum, then we got to know the history of the beautifully decorated Reformed church of the nearby village of Tákos. From Bereg, we crossed the Tisza to the village of Nagyar in the Szatmár region, where we admired the magnificent rose garden of the Luby Castle, famous far and wide, and the exotic plants of its Palm House.

Mentor training workshop summary - 2023. June 12.

There are several people involved in the mentoring programme. Their collaboration is the most important resource in supporting the international students. Helping the incoming international students to be paired with a mentor-student is one of the main tasks of our office. A mentor student supports the incoming international students in their academic progress and in gaining competent, successful life skills. In order to help our mentors to be effective in their field, we scheduled the organisation of "Mentor Training Workshop".

Mobility Café invitation - Erasmus+

The International Relations Office would like to invite you to our next Mobility Café on Tuesday 13th June at 13:00 in the Erasmus Room (K13).  

A presentation will be given by Dr. habil. László Simon Professor, Anikó Tanyiné Dr. Kocsis College Associate Professor, and Dr. István János College Professor on the topic "The First Steps of the Sun Project in Portugal".

Each guest will be welcomed with tea cakes and refreshments.

News on the fifth International Café event at the university.

The International Relations Office invited the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme students for a round table talk, which took place on the 5th of June 2023.

The actual round table event started with the pre-opening presentation held by Ákos Choinski Marshall, a Visual Art student from the United States of America. Ákos was sharing his experiences within the Diaspora Higher Education Scholarship Programme.