Professional Pilot programme for Stipendium Hungaricum Students-application steps

Stage 1 : Skype interview 
Date: 15 March 2022 – 20 March 2022 

Main topics: personal motivation, English skills, cognitive abilities.

Stage 2: online pilot aptitude test

Date: 20 March 2022 – 10 April 2022 
We are using TestAir360 assessment Pro Package. Please see further details at the following link: . The Pro Package gives a comprehensive review of all the relevant skills, knowledge and personality traits of an applicant. All the available modules and task categories are built into this package. It is thorough and lengthy and requires dedication. The Pro is the ideal tool for airline cadet programs. Includes: 14 modules + several practice tests. Duration: 3.5 hours.

Please see some supporting content for the Math and Physics modules also with some examples.

Topics for Math modules:

  • linear equations
  • quadratic equations and systems of equations
  • plane geometry (right-angled triangles, law of sines)
  • equation of planes
  • elementary algebra
  • spatial geometry (only the very basics, such as volume calculations)


Up to and including Chapter 10

The assessment fee is 110 EUR. The online assessment fee also includes four online trial exams.

Medical exam

Date: 10 April 2022  – 15 May 2022 

Applicants shall obtain the Class 1 medical certificate. Process can be performed invidually at any EASA medical examination center. Please note that only EASA member state authority can issue EASA 1 class medical. Please see EASA members: For example: Serbian civil aviation authority is not able to issue EASA Class 1 medical certificacte.

We can support the applicants for obtaining Class 1 medical in Hungary, please contact us for more details at the following email addresses:

For the medical check in Hungary you will need the following items in English.

  • Blood count not older than 1 month which contains the following: Creatinine, Urea, GFR, Blood Sugar, SGOT, SGPT, Gamma GT, Bilirubin, Uric Acid, Se Cholesterol, Se Triglyceride, HDL Cholesterol, TSH. values, signature and seal.
  • Chest X-Ray not older than 1 month description and expertise (for example: your heart size is ok, your lunge is ok, etc…)
  • All medical documents and copy of the documents related to any of your previous treatments. In case of hospital treatment the final report. We can accept medical documents only in the following format:
    1. Header,
    2. Expertise report/diagnosis,
    3. Signature and seal from the examiner.
    Any document whereat the medical institute and the examiner cannot be identified will not be accepted and will be asked to complement before the start of the medical examination at the AeMC.
  • If you wear contact lenses please bring your eye glasses with you as well.  
  • The medical examination fee at the Aeromedical Center Budapest fee is 33 700 HUF which can be paid in cash only at the location.
  • Alcohol and drug test fee is 10 000 HUF which can be paid in cash only at the location

Phycological test

Phycological test can be made at a separated day.
Address: Budapest. VII district. Marek József street 31.
Test takes 3-4 hours.
Phycological test fee is 55 000 HUF, it can be paid only in cash at the sport.

Pilot Training

After successful completion of the course the following EASA ratings will be obtained:

  • Airline Transport Pilot License (Airplane) - ATPL(A) theory
  • Commercial Pilot License (Airplane) - CPL(A)
  • Multiengine Instrument Rating - ME/IR
  • Night VFR Rating - NVFR
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation - MCC
  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery  - AUPRT


Do i need to have previous flying experience to apply for the program?

  • No, you don’t need to have.

Are there any further criteria that I need to fulfill besides the minimum requirements?

  • You need to be able to swim 50 m without any help. During your training you have to undertake an emergency training, including swimming exercise.

Why is there a Pilot Assessment process?

  • The Pilot Assessment process aims to maximize your success in completing the Stipendium Hungaricum: Professional Pilot program from the very beginning.

Where and when do the recruitment sessions take place?

  • The Pilot Assessment will be held online.
  • It includes two stages:
    • Stage 1 : Skype interview (15 March 2022 – 20 March 2022)
    • Stage 2: online pilot aptitude test (20 March 2022 – 10 April 2022

How shall I prepare for the Pilot Assessment events?

  • It is advised to look after some pilot aptitude tests available on the Internet, do the four trial online exams and brush up you maths and physics skills.  Most important is to come relaxed and well-rested.

Is there any recruitment fee that I need to pay?

  • The Pilot Assessment fee is 110 EUR.

The Class 1 medical exam is 98 700 HUF at Aeromedical Centre Budapest centre. (Included Phycological test: 55 000 HUF; Alcohol and drug test fee: 10 000 HUF; Aeromedical Center Budapest fee is 33 700 HUF)

Can I work or study while I am on the training?

  • No, you cannot. The ab-initio training is a full-time training, which requires Cadets to be fully dedicated and focused on the training.

Airline Partnership

University of Nyíregyháza and Wizz Air signed an agreement. Under the partnership, students of the university will be entitled to unique opportunities to gain insight into the life of a commercial airline pilot. Additionally, Wizz Air will offer direct access to the airline’s recruitment process, aiming to ease the first career steps of the most talented cadets.